Selby school pupils can keep reading thanks to Stephanie

8 Feb 2021 @ 2.15 pm
| Education

Selby Community Primary School is delighted to have received a donation from Councillor Stephanie Duckett to provide younger pupils with enough books to keep reading at home during the pandemic.

Due to Covid restrictions and the need to quarantine books on return to school the number of books for pupils has significantly reduced.

The youngest children need specialist phonic books to support their early reading and these are not usually the books families would have at home.

The donation means the children will have access to the resources they need to improve their reading, which in turn will foster a love of reading and books for life.

Headteacher at Selby Community Primary School Ian Clennan said: “For the youngest children to learn to read they need books which match the sounds they are learning at school.

“Home learning and the need to quarantine books has created some challenges for us.

“This donation of the books means that more children can continue to read and keep up with their phonics teaching. This will make a huge difference to our families and help to improve children’s future love of reading.”

Cllr Duckett, said: “I’m really happy to support this project that will help the younger pupils. Once they have the basic skills, a lifetime of enjoying reading and learning awaits them.”