Selby and Scarborough added to coronavirus watch list

Rising cases of coronavirus have seen Selby and Scarborough added to a Government watch list.

The watch list area includes Tadcaster, Sherburn in Elmet and the whole of Selby district as well as the Scarborough borough including Whitby, Filey, and surrounding villages.

York and North Yorkshire residents have been asked to make “a mammoth effort by everyone to be extra vigilant and to stick rigidly to the guidance” to avoid further restrictions.

The government has put Selby and Scarborough on its watch list – which means local leaders will get extra help to try to reduce the spread of the virus.

But areas of concern do NOT face lockdown restrictions.

Residents are asked to wear face masks when leaving home, avoid crowds, stick to the rule of six and stick rigorously to social distancing and hand washing advice.

Heightened awareness

Concerns are growing about Scarborough too. Photograph © Allan Harris on Flickr

“We want people living across North Yorkshire and York to be able to go about their lives but we are asking they do that with a heightened awareness of the risks and while taking on some simple precautionary measures to protect themselves and everyone else,” said Richard Flinton, chair of North Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum.

“Despite our efforts we have two areas now designated of concern due to the continued and growing infection rates there.

“I do not believe for one minute anyone wants the sort of restrictions we are seeing in other areas of the country, but only the personal choices everyone makes, every day, can turn the tide.

“If there is not a mammoth effort by everyone to be extra vigilant and to stick rigidly to the guidance, we have serious concerns that it will cost us all dearly and the way we go about our daily lives will inevitably be impacted further.”

The forum said steps are already in place to restrict visits to care homes in Scarborough, Harrogate and Selby and that coronavirus tests will be directed to the areas of greatest need.

Plans to reopen social care day services will be paused.

Mr Flinton added: “We remain extremely grateful to the public for their support and compliance at what is, without doubt, a critical moment for our county.”