See the World on $70 a day

12 Aug 2019 @ 8.09 am
| News

For the average would-be adventurer, travelling costs remain a big challenge. That added to the additional expenses involved in touring, travelling isn’t an option for many at the end of the day. Instead, many opt to live as armchair travellers by watching travel documentaries and movies rather than being a real traveller. Nonetheless, travelling doesn’t always have to be an expensive feat.

What if I told you that travelling is cheaper than most people often assume? What if it’s possible to see the world with only $70 a day? Here are a few tips to make this fantasy a reality, so leave your couch and start packing your bags.

Be careful with accommodation

Alternative accommodation options are a massive money saving solution. Going on a vacation trip doesn’t mean staying in overpriced hotels in the world. You won’t lose face if you stay in a hotel that doesn’t have a 5-star rating. You may find that budget accommodation options are better than you’re assuming, and a fantastic experience. In most cases, its a far more enjoyable option than being milked as a tourist.

Slow down and engage the environment

The point of travelling is to slow down and enjoy the surrounding. This approach allows you to appreciate the location of the country you are visiting and provides the right mindset to curb your costs. Ensure to engage with the locals, and don’t fear to ask where best prices are available. You should avoid spending money on transport when walking is a reasonable option, thereby avoiding the so-called tourist traps. That means its time you stop thinking like a tourist, take it easy and watch costs plummet.

Flight costs can be reduced

The biggest cost of any trip will be the flight. Have a smart plan by using apps like Google Flights and don’t be afraid of taking a stopover as it can cut on the costs significantly. Being selective and smart will reduce flight costs by 75%. The key is to take your time, and don’t be put off by not taking a direct flight. Moreover, stopovers are plenty of fun, if you embrace them as opposed to being annoyed by them. In some cities like Dubai, you can also book a whistle-stop tour to see the highlights of the country.

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Go local

Don’t be a tourist, shop local, travel local, and eat local. Offering yourself as a tourist is a guaranteed way of paying five times more. Go off the beaten track, ask about cost-effective options and engage with the locals as most will be more than willing to help you out. Without a doubt, this is not only the best way to experience another country but also the cheapest.