Scarlett Moffatt spent four years as a student in York. Here’s what she got up to…

A proud day… Scarlett graduates at York Minster in a picture from her book ‘Me Life Story’
22 Nov 2017 @ 6.24 pm
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The reigning queen of the jungle is back in the Aussie undergrowth again.

Scarlett Moffatt, who triumphed in last year’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, is now one of the hosts of I’m a Celebrity: Extra Camp on ITV2.

The County Durham 27-year-old has been a popular TV personality since her debut on Channel 4’s Gogglebox in 2014.

But it was never her ambition to be a TV presenter. Originally Scarlett wanted to be a dance teacher.

And when she won a place on a dance degree course at York St John University, everything seemed on track…

In her new autobiography, Me Life Story – Sofa, So Good! she reveals all about her typically colourful time in York.

So here are seven things we learned from the book about those four years from 2009…

Scarlett and friend in the first week of Freshers at York St John University

1. Her first performance was as a giant panda

Eight weeks into her degree, Scarlett and her fellow students put on a dance show.

  • I came out dressed as a giant panda wearing a red jacket and a black leather briefcase, swinging my arms and walking in straight lines.

    Even through my panda eyes I could see my mam and nanny crying, not with pride but with laughter…

2. New degree – new look

Scarlett decided to switch degrees and took up a course in physical education and sports coaching.

But turning up for the first lecture she didn’t quite fit in…

  • I rocked up with pillarbox red hair, false eyelashes and a leopard print maxi-dress on.

    I looked around at the people I was going to be spending the next three years with.

    Yep, I was the only one not wearing Jack Wills or a tracksuit…

‘I was a social butterfly in York’… on a student night out in the city

3. She had a weekly drinking routine

Although ‘a proper kid’s belly’ when it comes to drinking, Scarlett was a party animal in her York years.

Here’s an extract from her social diary…

  • Mondays were Gallery nights, normally a theme like ‘Where’s Wally?’ or ‘dress as an animal’.

    Tuesdays were Revolution nights. We knew not to wear high heels on those nights; there were cheap paddle boards of shots and all the R&B music you needed to grind your ass off.

    Wednesdays were sport society nights at Tokyo, so that’s when we hung out with all of the hockey team.

    Thursdays: those were Student Union and Salvation nights.

Friday was a night in with a takeaway, and weekends were spent with family, before it started all again.

4. Her most embarrassing doctor’s appointment

This came when “I woke up after a night out and thought I was vomiting blood as my sick was red.

“Turns out I had forgotten about the five red Aftershocks I had downed.”

5. Her first ‘Bushtucker Trial’ was in York

Scarlett revealed her initiation into the York St John hockey society.

Her fellow students filled a pint glass with port, red wine, red VK and red sambuca.

  • We had to drink it all, but not through a straw – through a tampon.

    Looking back I suppose this was my first ever Bushtucker Trial in a way.

Outside York Minster on graduation day

6. She got burgled while dressed as a burglar

One of her funniest stories concerns a ‘cops and robbers’ themed night out.

She wore “a black and white stripy jumper and a little mask, complete with swag bag. We were in the club Tokyo and Sarah and I were shattered.”

After a kebab they took a taxi home, only to see all the lights on. Burglars had thrown a slab through the back window and stolen everything.

  • But obviously when the police turned up and we were dressed as burglars, they thought we were taking the piss.

    They were like, ‘Just so you know, this is wasting police time. You will be given a caution.’

    ‘But we’ve really been burgled!’ I cried, swag bag in hand.

    They genuinely thought we were taking the mick until they went in the house.

7. She got the sack for a colourful reason

Scarlett’s first part-time job was at York Top Shop. Later she joined Clinique and loved it.

  • However after a couple of months I got the sack for the most ridiculous reason.

    Apparently I was making all the customers ‘too orange.’

How York changed her

Scarlett is now hosting I’m a Celebrity: Extra Camp on ITV 2

Despite her partying – and yet more jobs, at Club Salvation and as a quantitative research analyist – Scarlett graduated at York Minster with a 2:1 degree.

And she had a fine old time here. When Scarlett first arrived she “instantly had a positive feeling about my time at York St John’s”.

That positivity lasted throughout the four years. She left with a good degree, friends for life – and the qualities that would see her crowned jungle royalty.

  • I know the reason I’m quite a recluse now and why I don’t feel the need to go out all the time is because I was a social butterfly in York.

    For four whole years I partied non-stop so I’ve got that all out of my system.

All extracts are from Me Life Story: Sofa, So Good! by Scarlett Moffatt

Published by Blink, RRP £18.99

Order the book here for £7