Say hello to our Mummy Mix blogger Sharon – and her family

23 Sep 2014 @ 8.51 pm
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Sharon, 15 month old Moo and Bobby, three

York may be an ancient city, but it’s a great place to bring up the young ’uns. So meet our Mummy Mix blogger who’s exploring the city with her two tots…

Big hello… Sharon here

I’ve just started this new blog so here’s a bit about me.

I’m a stay at home mum with two little ones, a three year old boy (Bobby) and 15 month old girl (moo, nicknames of course).

I’m half Korean, love cooking, eating and have a pretty solid caffeine dependency. I lived in York throughout my teenage years, headed to London for university then attempted to see as much of the world as possible after.

I have now chosen the beautiful city of York to raise my neat little brood.

I genuinely love this city. Yes there are brighter, noisier, more eclectic places to live in the world but York is just perfectly quaint.

I love that a short walk around town and – ooh look a couple of Vikings drinking cappuccinos in Nero…

Ew – careful don’t step in the big steaming pile of horse poop… Then, “Mummy look!” Oh yeah a man juggling flaming knives whilst riding a unicycle (thus unravelling all my lectures on knives being dangerous).

So here we are, me, hubby (when he’s not working) – sleep deprived, two mental toddlers bursting with energy, scouring the city for fun things to do and stronger coffee to drink.

On Mummy Mix I’ll be sharing little things I’ve discovered in the city that are child friendly and fun, and where other mums and carers can chat about like-minded stuff too. So feel free to join in the conversation!

Speak soon,

Bobby, Moo & me

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