Sacked! York City striker dismissed over ‘disciplinary issue’ – Updated

27 Nov 2017 @ 11.16 am
| Sport

Part and parcel of supporting York City… Just when you think everything is improving, something pops up to prove you wrong!

That ‘something’ has popped up today. York City striker Gary Martin has been dismissed by the club with immediate effect following a ‘discplinary issue’.

The striker was one of the top performers in Saturday’s 3-1 FA Trophy victory over Coalville Town and scored a wonderful opening goal for City.

Two days later and the 27-year-old has left the club. York City issued a brief statement saying:

Striker Gary Martin has parted company with York City Football Club with immediate effect following a disciplinary issue.

The club have not commented on the reason for the dismissal, with a spokesman saying: “The club will be making no further comment on the matter.”

However, the player has shed light on the issue on twitter. It appears that Martin may have been axed due to playing 10 minutes for Darlington Albion on Sunday.

Later, Martin posted on Instagram, seeming quite smug about his newly found unemployment.

Heading back to Europe?

Since coming through the youth system at Middlesborough, Martin’s career has seen him play at club’s across Europe in countries such as Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and Hungary.

In 2013 he was named the best foreign player for title-winning Icelandic club Knattspyrnufélag Reykjavíkur.

The Darlington-born striker joined City on a short non-contract basis at the beginning of November, after being released by Belgian club Lokeren.

The move to City initially saw Martin playing for the club for an interim period, before his permanent transfer from Lokeren to Norwegian club Lillestrøm, where he scored four goals in 10 appearences back in 2014.

His contract with Lillestrøm will begin on January 1. Speaking to their website after signing a three-year contract in October, the player dubbed the ‘Crazy Englishmen’ seemed keen to head back to the Nordic region:

I have received very many messages from Lillestrom fans after it became known that I had finished in Lokeren.

I’ll play six to seven matches (for York) to keep me going. But I’m coming to the cup final to cheer on Lillestrøm.