Rubbish transformed into epic art: Artist creates amazing animals out of cardboard

Laurence Vallières at work on a cardboard creature in the Art Of Protest Gallery. Photographs: Richard McDougall
17 Oct 2017 @ 6.56 pm
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Most of us end up stuffing all those boxes from internet purchases straight into the recycling.

Art Of Protest Gallery, Little Stonegate, York

Till Fri Oct 20

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But not Laurence Vallières. The artist takes discarded cardboard and uses it to create an amazing array of animals.

Based in Montreal, Laurence is in York this week as the artist-in-residence at Art Of Protest Gallery, in Little Stonegate.

And as our pictures show, she makes stunning giant sculptures of creatures, including elephants with pistols for tusks, gorillas and antelope.

Watch in awe

You can watch Laurence at work
The creatures taking shape

Visitors to the gallery can watch Laurence at work all week at Art of Protest.

Part of the gallery has been converted into her studio, allowing passers-by to gaze in awe as she works on a number of specially commissioned sculptures.

After working on a grand scale for her first two UK projects, Laurence will be concentrating on wall hanging pieces available to purchase in The Art of Protest Gallery.

An elephant reimagined by the artist

Vallières is the latest artist The Art of Protest Gallery introduced to York since opening earlier this year.

In March, contemporary street artists, Los Angeles-based Defer and Big Sleeps created a 25ft by 35ft mural at the back of Brown’s department store, opposite the gallery.

“Laurence created her own niche with fantastic success with her works commissioned around the world,” said Art of Protest founder Craig Humble.

“We are honoured to have such a renowned artist base herself in the city for the week.”


Another view of the gun-toting elephant
The animals are full of character
Laurence has a playful artistic sense
A short-sighted dog
The temporary studio
Laurence seen in the gallery window