Review: Spector leave York wanting more

14 Oct 2013 @ 3.16 pm
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Review: Spector
Venue: The Duchess, October 10, 2013

How many times has someone told you to watch out for a band because “they’re going to be huge”? A couple of years ago a good friend of mine told me about a band his son had spotted in London. The band’s name… Spector.

How right he was.

From their start back in 2011, this indie rock band has gained in popularity – having appeared on the Jools Holland TV show in their first year together, they have gone on to tour with Florence & The Machine; released a great album – Enjoy It While It Lasts; have been given the accolade of being BBC Sound Of 2012 Artist and headlined the Festival Republic stage at this year’s Reading and Leeds Festivals.

Prior to their Duchess gig, the venue put out a teaser on Facebook suggesting that this may be the last time they will play here. And that would be no great surprise, judging by the reaction they received from the crowd last Thursday.

At their first Duchess gig they didn’t even have enough songs to fill their time slot, and much of the audience were curious to hear the new band in action.

By contrast, at this, their third Duchess appearance – part of their nationwide Spectour V – the audience were up, singing along and reaching out in adoration from the get go.

Some bands make great records, and are good at playing their songs to an audience. Spector go beyond that. They have made a great record, but thrive on playing with their audience.

The band seem to feed from the energy and excitement coming from the crowd. Front man Fred Macpherson leans out into the throng as he sings their infectious, catchy songs. And when he’s not singing, he chats and teases the audience.

The band opened their set with What You Want, a real crowd-pleaser from their album – and went on to include more favourite tracks – Grey Shirt & Tie, Celestine and the high octane Chevy Thunder – as well as introducing some new material like Reeperbahn – which will, no doubt, be appearing on their next release.

Video: Will Cowell

At one point during the show Fred took a heart-shaped badge that was offered to him – featuring a photo of himself.

He took the time not only to express his thoughts on the keepsake – but to offer some constructive criticism on the construction methods used, before handing the trinket back, looking into the girl’s eyes and saying “I love you”.

It was an evening of great music, and wit from Fred and the band, brought to a close with the anthemic Never Fade Away. No encore – this band certainly leave the room with the audience wanting more.

Video: Steve Cowell

If you missed them in York, there is still time to catch them on this tour – as they play Leeds, Hull and Sheffield before the end of the month. Then after that they are taking some time out from touring to make their next record.

I’m more than happy to pass on the recommendation I received from my friend – this band is great, and is definitely still on the up. Catch them while you can!