Review: Puss In Boots, De Grey Rooms

19 Dec 2014 @ 5.16 pm
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A well shod cat and friends: Puss In Boots

Puss In Boots

De Grey Rooms, York

Until Sat Jan 3 2015, various times

Adults £12.50, under 16s £8.50

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The performance by Tongue-Tied Theatre and Telling Tales was held in the ballroom at the De Grey Rooms. A quirky and minimal set up, the space was airy and light with bright colourful actors.

I have to also note how nice it was to have somewhere to park the pram and somewhere to hang our coats. Often us mums are left ladened up like a Sherpa buried under coats and juggling sippy cups and change bags so this was a welcome provision.

I was happy to see most of the kids seemed around the preschool age. They all sat excitedly on the benches as actors filtered in and made chit chat with them.

Then the play started with an actor making a tune by blowing glass bottles which three-year-old Bobby thought was amazing. No doubt he’ll be raiding the recycle boxes tomorrow to reenact!

The same actor continued to provide super creative sound effects and tunes in the background using everything from wash boards to kazoos, coconuts, spoons, bells… well you get the picture.

Jack, played by Robin Simpson, and his cat Monsieur Puss In Boots – in fact all the cast, Suzanne Meese, Richard Kay, Lucy Wakes – were fun and jovial.

Have you seen this dog?
‘All the cast were fun and jovial’

The children stayed fixed facing forward as the cast pranced back and forth with various comedic props. Monsieur Puss himself was ingeniously presented. I won’t spoil it but trust me when I say it’s very clever.

The backdrop hosted silhouettes and shadows, the narrative was fast and flowing presenting the well known Puss in Boots storyline with a very French and modern twist.

It was a lot of fun and the interactive parts where we could join in were great. However, with such a young audience, I wish there had been a more opportunities for us to be involved.

Bobby’s attention did start to drift towards the end of the show but I suppose anything over ten minutes for a three-year-old feels like an age.

Puss In Boots is true to the story we all know but this contemporary production with its clever use of graphic images and props makes it a fresh and delightful experience.

If it’s not something you’ve done before going to the theatre with a young child is a completely unique experience. The live performance draws them in and they are captivated by every click clap and jump.

I would say this particular production may be more suitable for slightly older children due to its length.