Review: One Of Each at The Wetherby Whaler, York

A feast for all the senses… the cast of One Of Each. Photographs: Peter Boyd Photography
14 May 2015 @ 5.22 pm
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One Of Each by Mikron Theatre Company

Wetherby Whaler, York, May 7

Next York show: Tues May 19 @ 7pm, Scarcroft Allotments

Pay what you will – take along seating and food or pre-order your fish and chips from host Willy H – text Fish to 07974 867301

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In my relatively short time with YorkMix this was my first opportunity to combine food with theatre. When a production promises the winning combination of great entertainment and a fish and chip supper in the interval – who was I to refuse?

This novel idea came from Mikron Theatre Company. We saw their new production One Of Each at the Wetherby Whaler, York Business Park. It’s next York show will be at Scarcroft Allotments – see panel for details.

The cast of four – Ellen Chivers, Rachel Henley, Steve McCourt and James McKlean – treat you to a story of family battles, lost love and a mysterious millionaire.

This all comes to light in a competition to make the best fish and chips in the land, a prize of £100,000 and, of course, the glorious Golden Fish Fork.

It's a story of family battles and the Golden Fork
It’s a story of family battles and the Golden Fork
Do you want scraps?
Do you want scraps with that?

What ensued was a fabulous night of musical theatre, both amusing and informative. The various four part harmonies had the audience tapping their feet and regularly raised a laugh – a mention must go out to Rachel Henley and her belting solo rendition of A Little Bit On The Side.

The cast certainly didn’t make it easy on themselves – swapping between regional accents (we counted at least five), costumes and even genders as the story demanded.

Playwright Debbie McAndrew should be congratulated on her witty reference to “The Scottish Play” and a nod to the other big event that day, the general election.

In all this amounted to an extremely enjoyable evening and with a ticket price of £15 it was good value. I will certainly be keeping an eye out for further Mikron productions and look forward to their next visit with hungry anticipation.

As well as One Of Each playing Scarcroft Allotments on May 19, Mikron’s next production – Raising Agents – can be found at Clements Hall this September.