Review: It is certainly alright by me

3 Aug 2012 @ 12.52 pm
| Entertainment

'Man, when I tell you they were cool, they were red hot'. Photograph: Steve Cowell
Steve Cowell sees the future at a packed Fibbers – and it’s spelled Trouble

Vintage Trouble Fibbers, York, July 31 2012

How many times have we seen runners-up do far better than winners? Lemar, JLS, Olly Murs have all outshone the victors of their individual TV shows. Seven years ago vocalist Ty Taylor was the mohawked pretender to Michael Hutchence’s crown in a US TV show looking for a new frontman for INXS.

He may not have won the INXS gig, but Ty is back – suited and booted, and fronting one of the most exciting live acts you could hope to find on the small venue circuit.

Spotted up by famed US rock band manager Doc McGhee in 2010, the LA-based band fuses Taylor’s amazing soulful vocals with the driving blues rock energy of the three-piece band comprising Nalle Colt (guitar), Richard Danielson (drums) and Rick Barrio Dill (bass) – they have been likened to Otis Redding backed by Led Zeppelin.

VT have made a huge impact in the UK following an appearance on Later with Jools Holland. Their debut album – The Bomb Shelter Sessions – was available here nearly two years in advance of its stateside release.

And last year they won the Classic Rock magazine Best New Band of 2011 award.

'Astounding show': Vintage Trouble at Fibbers. Photograph: Steve Cowell
The band first played Fibbers to a curious crowd in July 2011. Good news travels fast and this time around the venue was packed to the rafters, the busiest I have ever seen it. This UK tour follows recent support slots with the Cranberries and Lenny Kravitz, and is one of the most sought after tickets in town.

Vintage Trouble opened their two-hour set with Not Alright By Me and went on to include songs ranging from the frenetic Blues Hand Me Down, to the magnificently serene Gracefully.

The band were on fire! … as Phil Lynott may have said: Man, when I tell you they were cool, they were red hot – I mean they were steaming. Ty Taylor was literally steaming – singing and dancing under the stage lights, his shirt clung wetly to his, obviously, athletic frame.

(I spoke to one audience member the show – he told me that when he gave Ty a congratulatory pat on the back, he was rewarded with a shower of perspiration!)

Vintage Trouble finished the astounding show with singalong favourite, Pelvis Pusher, before taking a bow and stepping into the crowd – stage centre – and processing down to their meet’n’greet area. They a truly grateful for the ever-growing fanbase they affectionately refer to as the Troublemakers – and make time to chat, sign and pose for photos with them.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about? Go to YouTube and check out some of the videos from the show (VT actively encourage Troublemakers to shoot and post photos and videos) – here’s an example from YT videographer, Amanda Watson.

I dare say I have seen the future – there may be trouble ahead, but at least it is Vintage Trouble.