The return of secret gigs to York – where will you go?

Rory Cannon performing at the last Sofar Sounds session. Photograph: Rob Searle
25 Jul 2017 @ 8.53 pm
| Entertainment

They’re secret. They’re intimate. And they’re back.

Sofar Sounds, the global phenomenon which stages live music in interesting small locations, is relaunching its York operation.

It’s well over a year since Rory Cannon performed a Sofar York gig. Now a series of new concerts are being lined up.

How do they work? You go to the website, you apply for tickets – and if you get in, the organisers release the address and all the info you need to attend.

The first gig in York city centre today (July 25) sold out quickly. But more are planned.

We caught up with Stefan, the new Sofar York organiser, to find out more.

‘Undiscovered talent’

Why have you decided to return to the city this summer?

It’s simple really… we saw an opportunity in the local music scene for a regular event that would bring people together to watch great live music in an intimate space.

We don’t reveal our artist line-up until guests have arrived at the event itself, and send out details for the venue only two days before the show.

How do you assess York’s music scene?

York is renowned for its folk music, and we think this is one of the highlights that really appealed to Sofar York when we chose to relaunch our secret shows in this beautiful city.

We aim to raise awareness of the undiscovered talent in York and support local promoters, whether it involves collaborating on a future show or promoting one of their upcoming events.

Why the secrecy over the gigs?

The human behaviour is more engaged when there’s an element of surprise. There are plenty of events in the area where you know the details of the venue and line-up before you arrive, but how often do you come across something where these factors are both kept a secret?

What can people expect from a Sofar York show?

Fairy lights, intimate live music and a unique space.

What does the future hold for Sofar York?

Exciting stuff is on its way for Sofar York! I can promise that it will be worth the wait…

Is there anything else we should know?

Tickets are now available for our second show on August 29. Sign-up and apply here.

If you would like to host a Sofar York show in your home, then please get in touch with our city team at [email protected].