Residents reminded to place bins out by 7am

11 Sep 2013 @ 1.55 pm
| News

Issued by City of York Council

City of York Council is reminding residents to ensure they present their rubbish bins and recycling boxes before 7am on the day of their collection, but not before 7pm the night before.

Following a comprehensive review and consultation of City of York Council’s waste services earlier this year, changes to the service commenced this week (9 September).

Less then 10 per cent of all households will see significant changes to the day that their rubbish and recycling is collected, but the time of their collection may vary.

New rubbish and recycling calendars were sent to households citywide with details of their new collections before the changes came into effect this week.

Geoff Derham, head of Waste & Fleet services, said: “As a result of these important changes to the waste service our collection rounds are now more manageable and effective.

“A small number of households in York will see significant changes to the day and time that their rubbish and recycling is collected and the vast majority of households (72,000 homes) will continue to receive their normal collections on the same day on a fortnightly basis.

“In addition to this, 824 households will now benefit from recycling and garden waste collections for the first time.

“We have experienced some bedding-in issues, which are to be expected when introducing such significant changes and a small number of properties have seen short delays.

“Crews are still settling into their new rounds and, to prevent delays, we would emphasise the need for residents to present their waste and recycling by 7am on the day of their collection, as some collections are earlier than they have been used to in the past.

“If a household hasn’t received a collection then it will be prioritised for the following day.”

Residents can look up their collections by postcode on the council website.