Reports of loud explosions in York believed to be sonic boom caused by two RAF jets

An RAF Typhoon, possibly the cause of the sonic booms. Photograph: Adrian Pingstone on Wikipedia
2 May 2016 @ 10.49 pm
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Two loud explosions were heard in York tonight (Monday, May 2), causing a wave of concern.

The loud bangs were heard across Yorkshire, in particular in Leeds, York and North Yorkshire. People took to social media to report the noise and shockwaves big enough to rattle windows.

North Yorkshire Police were inundated with calls from anxious members of the public.

But it seems some RAF manoeuvres may be to blame.

The police issued this statement:

North Yorkshire Police are investigating a suspected sonic boom across the county following a high volume of calls from across the county.

Police are aware of the reports of activity, which happened around half an hour ago, and are fully investigating, however it is believed it was due to a sonic boom by two RAF jets.

Police believe there is no danger posed to the public.

The unofficial Twitter feed from Lincolnshire air base RAF Coningsby the sonic booms were caused by RAF Typhoons, apparently scrambled to escort an airliner in to Newcastle Airport after it went off course.

Panic over!