Remarkable. The goose hit by a van in York survived – and has been nursed back to health

A still from Markella's video
1 Jun 2016 @ 8.18 pm
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Remember that awful video showing a van ploughing into a goose as it ambled across the road?

We all thought that the bird had bought it. After all it took quite the blow and went right under the vehicle.

Well, file this one under ‘small miracles’ because… the goose survived!

The video was shot by York student Markella Apergi. She’s done similar films before as she finds it funny when the geese cross the road and hold up all the traffic.

But she was left shocked and upset when a van driver mowed into the bird on University Road on May 19, failing to stop, slow down or drive round it.

Alive and well

Markella Apergi in her Facebook photograph
Markella Apergi in her Facebook photograph
Initial reports suggested the goose had been killed, but North Yorkshire Police today said it was alive and well.

“[The bird] was taken to a sanctuary and has fully recovered. It has now been released back into the wild,” a spokeswoman told YorkMix.

After filming the incident, Markella posted the footage to her Facebook page where it has since been viewed more than 2,500 times.

Originally from Greece and studying economics and politics at York University, she told YorkMix of her elation about the news of the goose’s survival:

That is amazing. That is wonderful. The goose is alive. I would love to see the goose.