Ready for a new music night? Well, Let’s Go Baboon

Ready to launch… Danny & The Champions Of The World
23 Nov 2013 @ 4.55 pm
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Ready to launch… Danny & The Champions Of The World
Ready to launch… Danny & The Champions Of The World

You really don’t need me to sit here and tell you that York has a cracking music scene. We’ve got buskers on every corner, open mic nights in tiny pubs, big names in big venues, big names in small venues, even.

York has never been short of a great gig or ten. But with so many musicians, and wannabe reviewers knocking around, we are always wanting more. So we are more than happy to welcome back promoter Stu Gibb with Let’s Go Baboon.

It all started with a fanzine in Wetherby. Baboon was the brainchild of a teenage Gibb, who somehow managed to secure an exclusive interview with Californian band Pavement. He sold the mag for 40p. What an absolute bargain!

From that came the gig promotion, and a transition to the big smoke. In its past London life, Let’s Go Baboon played host to acts including The Wave Pictures and, Frank Turner favourite Emily Barker at venues like 12 bar club, Brixton Windmill and Luminaire.

Stu has been out of action for nine years. Raising a couple of kids, and making the, incredibly good, move up to York. He’s no doubt rested and refreshed after what can only be described as an extended holiday…

“I was never sure if Baboon would ever come back, but after a few years of settling in the city I got fired up by the eclectic, innovative mix of shops and promoters,” he said.

“Places like The Inkwell and promoters Please Please You made me realise early on that York isn’t the poor cousin to Leeds, as my Wetherby upbringing had me believe!”

Stu (right) with American country blues musician Charlie Parr
Stu (right) with American country blues musician Charlie Parr

Let’s Go Baboon has it’s Northern relaunch on November 25 at The Basement with the incredible Danny & The Champions of The World.

“When I was offered the chance to put Danny on in York, it just felt right. He’s incredibly talented, but someone I also class as a friend, as he’s done a few Baboon gigs in the past. It feels like the best way to launch Let’s Go Baboon in York.”

I first saw Danny & The Champs in a support slot about five years ago, as soon as one of them strolled through the crowd playing a trumpet, I was in love. A love only furthered by a Springsteen infused set at The Fulford Arm’s last year.

Support comes from YorkMix favourite Boss Caine and Leeds band Oh Brother. So I for one can say that this is a gig that you do not want to miss.

If there’s one thing I love about this city, apart from the Minster and the huge quantity of bars, it’s the great promoters who work tirelessly to put on absolutely lovely gigs. I don’t think they get enough credit.

Welcome aboard, Gibb, and thanks a lot to the rest of you.