‘Rats in the bins and too few benches’ – York residents answer the question: ‘What would you tell the council?’

A rat. Some have been spotted in the bins in a York park apparently Photograph © Oldiefan on Wikipedia
16 Apr 2017 @ 5.46 pm
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If you could tell City of York Council anything, what would it be?

That’s what one enterprising Reddit user, Paddiwan, asked on the popular internet site:

If you had the council in front of you, what would you tell them?

Too many horses crapping on roads? How can we make town less busy on Saturdays?

Or anything positive and things you’d like to see continue/improve? Fossgate is class when they close the road and sit everyone outside for a day.

Here are some of the suggestions that came back…

Not enough benches

Not much room on the benches in St Helen’s Square… Photograph: Ray Price

This point was made very robustly by NervousEnergy.

“When I die I’m demanding at least ten memorial benches in Parliament​ Street.”

Stop the drunks

Is there too much drunkenness in York?

“They’ve turned York into a drunk zone,” said the expertly named BeerFuelledDude.

“It’s nice having a few bars in town, but I constantly hear about out-of-towners being drunk at lunchtime around the streets.”

The theme was taken up by byjimini.

“The law states that bars and pubs cannot serve people when they are drunk – would the councillors like to walk through the city centre on a Friday and Saturday evening to see the scene?

“The law needs to be enforced with fines for pubs and bars that keep serving people.”

Do more about dodgy neighbours

“That when people file reports about their neighbour because they feel their lives/ pets/ homes could be in danger it would be really nice if they’d actually do something about that person,” said glowintoyou.

“Rather than just ignore the multitude of complaints they’ve received.”

Clean up the air

Figures show that the Bridge Street and Micklegate areas have higher air pollution. Photograph © Google Street View

According to procrastinateandstuf, “Air pollution is getting steadily worse.”

“Girlfriend has asthma and we’ve had to consider moving away from York because of the effect the air quality has on her breathing.”

Tackle the rats

Reddit user Hiding_behind_you has been on pest patrol.

“There’s at least two, possibly more, rats in the Memorial Gardens, just off Leeman Road. They’re always in the metal bins at night.”

Sort out the buses

Buses in Stonebow, York. Photograph: YorkMix

Park and Ride is quite expensive, says byjimini. And “the buses (when I last checked) don’t do contactless payment.”

Meanwhile, autismchild says: “The thing that shows when the next bus will arrive outside the uni has been broken for months now.”

And emorrp1 adds: “I’ve come to the conclusion that the ‘live’ bus service, whether online or at the bus stop is just a flat out lie, seemingly just following the predicted path from the timetable.”

Demolish the Minster

Photograph © Michael Thomas on Flickr

This may be tongue in cheek but autismchild says “Demolish the Minister. It’s a huge church right in the middle of town, I get that the UK used to be a religious nation but now people realise that religion is just nonsense.”

They also ask that Reel Cinema is either refurbished or torn down.

Over to you… If you had the chance, what would you tell the council?