The BreakfastMix with Ben & Laura

Weekdays 06:30-09:00
Sponsored by York Dance Works

Ben and Laura wake you up weekday morning from 6:30am on YorkMix Radio.

Throughout the show you’ll find a great mix of news, competitions and North Yorkshire’s favourite songs.

Some things to look out for in the show include:

7am – The Oh Yeahs
Would you like to celebrate one of life’s little wins? Maybe you know someone who deserves a mention? The Oh Yeahs are like the Oscars of the smallest things that make you smile!

7-8am – The Gamewheel
Your chance to win some fantastic prizes by playing a myriad of different games.

8-9am – Mix It Up
This is the competition that’s driving North Yorkshire mad! We have a clip of three celebrities saying the words Mix, It and Up. If you can work out who they are you win £500. You can listen to the clip and see the previous guesses on the Mix It Up page.

It might sometimes sound like they don’t get on but we promise that Ben and Laura are great friends really, even if Ben does talk about Scouting For Girls too often for Laura’s like and Laura takes too many dog photos for Ben’s!

If you thought Ben looked familiar that’s probably because you’ve seen him out and about ringing his bell in his role as York’s official town crier. Oyez! Oyez!