Radio Times spots the one big flaw in new ITV drama shot in York

Miranda Richardson and Zoë Wanamaker in a scene from ITV's Girlfriends, some of which was shot in York. Photograph: Ben Blackall / ITV / Rollem
29 Dec 2017 @ 6.12 pm
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A new prime-time drama hits our screens next week – with many of the scenes shot in York.

Girlfriends is the latest series from acclaimed screenwriter Kay Mellor.

Episode 1 airs on Wednesday (January 3) at 9pm

It tells the story of Linda, Sue and Gail as they struggle with the changes that come with being a modern woman of a certain age.

Starring Blackadder‘s Miranda Richardson, Zoë Wanamaker, Phyllis Logan and Anthony Head from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the six-parter was also shot in Leeds and Harrogate.

But the series does take one big liberty that will have all York viewers spitting out their tea…

Vexed and preoccupied

An emotional moment for Sue (Miranda Richardson) in a scene shot outside the Cosy Club in York. Photograph: YouTube / ITV

One of the great enjoyments of watching a show filmed in your home town is spotting where certain scenes were filmed.

YorkMix was on hand to capture filming at the Cosy Club restaurant on Fossgate, in Monk Bar car park and Monkgate in July.

But an eagle-eyed telly critic has spotted one of the flaws in the programme – how easy it seems to park in York.

In the latest issue of the Radio Times, its TV editor Alison Graham reveals all.

Anthony Head and Miranda Richardson emerge from filming at the Cosy Club on Fossgate, York. Photograph © Jayne The Unicorn

“I was both vexed and preoccupied this week during episode two of Kay Mellor’s frantic melodrama Girlfriends, which is set in York,” she writes.

In the show Sue (played by Miranda Richardson) is the editor of a bridal magazine in York.

And she “kept parking illegally and with impunity all over the city. And York loves its parking restrictions.”

Alison adds:

If you’re not familiar with this magnificent place just bear with me for a minute before I broaden things out a bit, but Sue parked at the bottom of Stonegate.

I know! No one drives down Stonegate, it’s pedestrianised! (Except for loading between 5am and 10.30am. Thanks City of York Council!)

Driving Miss Richardson

[arve url=”″ title=”Miranda Richardson filming in York” /]

Talking of cars, it was fascinating to see how a TV crew goes about filming scenes where one of the characters is driving.

Footage of Miranda Richardson at the wheel of her Mercedes was shot in Monk Bar car park in July.

The vehicle was fitted with a camera on the bonnet.

Then it was towed by a large utility vehicle with some of the production crew in the back, as the star acted in the car.

And if you are looking for ITV dramas with odd continuity shots, don’t forget 2012’s Eternal Law which saw a market in St Helen’s Square and ambulances outside York Crown Court.

Refresh your memory – if you dare – here.