Races fashion – how to be a winner

Cut a dash this racing season… Photograph: Visit York / Kippa Matthews
12 Jun 2013 @ 9.28 pm
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Cut a dash this racing season… Photograph: Visit York / Kippa Matthews
Cut a dash this racing season… Photograph: Visit York / Kippa Matthews
With the June race meeting nearly upon us many sane-minded York residents will batten down the hatches and brace themselves for carnage on the streets of town. A more fortunate few however are preparing for a day of booze, betting and buffets at York Racecourse.

debenhams-maxiIf you are a) indulging in a flutter on the horses and b) female then the chances are you already feeling the pressure to pull together some show-stopping attire. Feast your fashion hungry eyes on our Mix Six top race day essentials.


Take it to the maxi

Spend the day pretending you are a Grecian goddess or woodland nymph by wearing a flowing maxi dress. This classy, summer staple is also surprisingly practical as you won’t have to bother tanning or shaving your legs. Score. This style of dress is flattering on most body types and you can ditch uncomfortable footwear altogether by secretly wearing flip flops or your battered converse underneath. With branches in Davygate and at Monks Cross, Debenhams has some beautiful long length dresses in stock and there is also a 25% discount on all designer brands at the time of writing.


Hat’s entertainment

hat-company-fascinatorThere a few opportunities in life to wear a truly ridiculous hat so when they come along it is important to embrace them fully. I reckon the more outlandish the better – think plastic fruit, stuffed birds, netting and flower arrangements. However if you are looking for something slightly more demure then The Hat Company on Pavement does a great selection of occasion headwear. This one is on offer at £11.24.


Wedge of glory

office-wedgeFootwear poses an eternal struggle for women-folk attending the races. As tempting as it is to bust out a pair of killer stilettos the terrain is less than forgiving. Wedges and chunky heels are bang on trend and eliminate the trauma of battling across the racecourse as your heels sink into the grass like cocktail sticks through a slab of butter. Office (Coney Street) has a great range of more substantially heeled shoes in stock at the moment. The opal tan leather number pictured here is £65.


Cool in the shades

vogue-sunglass-hutIt is a completely factual statistic that everybody looks at least ten per cent cooler when they are wearing shades. This race day embrace your inner Audrey Hepburn mystique by rocking a pair of tinted glasses regardless of the weather. They are also handy for hiding your face in photos once your peepers are bloodshot and goggle-eyed from too much prosecco (tinnies of beer). There are some really pretty retro sunglasses around the high street at the moment, especially the Vogue Eyewear range at the Designer Outlet’s Sunglass Hut.


Nifty necklaces

topshop-necklaceThere is no getting away from the statement necklace this summer and a bold jewellery choice can revive even the plainest of outfits. There are lots of chunky, metallic necklaces to be found in Topshop which will compliment all colour schemes. Due to the tribal inspiration this season most of these pendants could also double up as a nifty weapon should any kind of trouble kick off in the Pimm’s marquee.


Take a rain check

river-island-ponchoOK, so bear with me a minute with this one! This may not be the most glamorous of fashion suggestions but let’s face it… we are in Britain, more specifically Yorkshire, and there is always a chance of rain. This way if the heavens do open you can keep your carefully curated outfit dry and then pop the mac back into your bag once the sun creeps out again. A handbag essential. This River Island rain poncho in a bag is practical and cute.