Quiz: How many of these York TV and movie appearances can you name?

20 Jun 2020 @ 1.41 pm
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It is a truth universally acknowledged that seeing someone you know on TV is the most feverishly exciting thing you can experience.

Running that a very close second is seeing somewhere you know on TV.

During the horrors of 2015, a friend of mine texted me a clip from Look North featuring her flooded house, absolutely bursting with pride.

Thankfully, the beauty and history of York means that you can often recognise our fair city on the big or small screen in less traumatic circumstances. See how many of the following fifteen examples you can recall.

Films and TV shot in York quiz

1. Just last month, a Channel 4 documentary series went behind the scenes at a hotel chain HQ in York - but which hotel chain?

Photograph: Channel 4
1. Ibis
2. Hilton
3. Holiday Inn
4. Best Western

It's Best Western

With all three episodes still available on All4, 'A Very British Hotel Chain' was described by the Radio Times as 'excruciating'. Highlights include the seventeen Brentian conditions staff have to live by, including 'Do I have a best friend at work?'. 

2. Pictured here is Jenna Coleman playing what Victorian figure in York?

1. Emmeline Pankhurst
2. Queen Victoria
3. Ada Lovelace
4. Florence Nightingale

It's Queen Victoria

Coleman played the main woman herself in the smash ITV drama 'Victoria', filmed across the Eye of York and Lady Peckett's Yard, amongst other city centre locales. Sadly, any pleasure gained from watching it has disappeared now due to co-star Laurence Fox outing himself as a professional tosspot.

3. Shot in York Minster, name the '90s film from the picture.

Photograph: Screengrab
1. Shakespeare In Love
2. The Madness of King George
3. Elizabeth
4. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

It's Elizabeth

'To the north, I present unto you ELIZABETH, your UNDOUBTED QUEEN!'

4. In a York-filmed episode of Channel 4's 'Snackmasters' from 2019, top chefs attempted to work out the recipe of and recreate what Rowntree's classic?

Photograph: Channel 4
1. Smarties
2. KitKat
3. Fruit Pastilles
4. Aero

It was a KitKat

Two top chefs went head to head, before York's Nestle employees judged whose chocolate approximation was the best. The big story, however, was host Fred Siriex being branded a monster for snapping a KitKat in half width-wise across all four fingers, rather than length-wise down the middle.

5. The protagonists of 2012 ITV drama 'Eternal Law' were two lawyers, who were also what?

Photograph: ITV
1. Priests
2. Assassins
3. Angels
4. Time travellers

They were angels

According to a contemporary YorkMix article, though York looked glorious, it was 'bunk. Junk. Bunkum. Junkum.' Needless to say, the confused show never got a second series.

6. Some scenes from the BBC's 'Gentleman Jack' were shot in the Holy Trinity Church in Goodramgate, because what real historical event involving main character Anne Lister took place there in 1834?

Photograph: Richard McDougall
1. A witch-burning
2. The exorcism of a dog
3. A lesbian marriage ceremony
4. A duel

It was a lesbian marriage ceremony

The UK's first LGBT rainbow-surround plaque commemorates the sealing of their relationship nearly two hundred years ago. Nawww.

7. In which of the following poorly-received films is the main character almost run over on King's Staith?

Photograph: YorkMix
1. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
2. G-Force
3. The Boss Baby
4. Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties

It was Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties

I've not seen it myself, but a mate of mine vividly recalls how confused she was as a young 'un when Garfield ran past the Lowther. Whether Bill Murray himself has ever visited York is unconfirmed.

8. York Minster was featured in a 2015 BBC adaptation, starring Bertie Carvell and Eddie Marsan as which literary duo?

Photograph: BBC/JSMN Ltd/Matt Squire
1. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
2. Joe Kavalier and Sammy Clay
3. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson
4. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

It was Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

Just as in Susanna Clark's acclaimed novel, the Minster is depicted as a place of magic, wonder and awe. But we all knew that anyway, really.

9. In the 2018 Bollywood film 'Gold', Bootham Crescent was a shooting location for scenes set where?

Photograph: York City FC
1. Nazi Germany
2. Chernobyl
3. Stalingrad
4. Elland Road

It was Nazi Germany

The Olympic Stadium in Berlin, to be precise. Though there are some extraordinary photos of extras doing Nazi salutes underneath the 'York City Football Club' sign.

10. Pictured here, in 2017, in which nightclub did Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway prank a York St John's student by having her mum and dad turn up?

Photograph: Screengrab
1. Popworld
2. Flares
3. Kuda
4. Salvation

It was Kuda

Her parents were among the bespectacled attendees at a Where's Wally? themed freshers clubnight six months beforehand. Light entertainment at its finest.

11. St William's College (right) was a filming location for what 2013 BBC period adaptation?

Photograph: YorkMix
1. Death Comes to Pemberley
2. War and Peace
3. Sense and Sensibility
4. Emma

It was Death Comes to Pemberley

Taking pride of place in the BBC's Boxing Day schedule for that year was a glitzy adaptation of PD James' Pride and Prejudice sequel. Inevitably, Jenna Coleman popped up again.

12. In which iconic '80s flick would you see this shot of York Station doubling for King's Cross?

Photograph: Screengrab
1. Educating Rita
2. Chariots of Fire
3. Withnail and I
4. A Room with a View

It's Chariots of Fire

Good luck getting Vangelis/Mr Bean out of your head for the rest of the day.

13. Now known as the Heworth Inn, the landlady of this establishment was the joint winner of what TV show at Christmas 2018?

Photograph: Wikimedia Commons
1. Four in a Bed
2. Bargain Hunt
3. Come Dine With Me
4. Countdown

It was Come Dine With Me

She scored thirty out of forty along with barista Harry Baines, as her menu of classic pub grub including drunken lamb, veggie moussaka and cheesy elf bakes (?) was enough to split the £1000 prize pot.

14. In 2001, to commemorate its first year at the Barbican, the stars of the UK Snooker Championship starred in a production of what in the Castle Museum?

Photograph: York Barbican
1. Dick Whittington
2. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
3. Oliver Twist
4. A Christmas Carol

It was A Christmas Carol

With who else but Steve Davis as the miserly Scrooge. The extraordinary ten minute clip is available for your perusal here.

15. Finally, according to IMDb, which of the following titles did NOT use York as a filming location?

1. The History of Chocolate with Peter Davison
2. The New-Fangled Wandering Minstrel Show
3. Prince and Princess Witnessing Cattle Parade
4. Trains with Pete Waterman

It was The History of Chocolate with Peter Davison

Which, in a gaping cultural chasm, does not actually exist. If anyone can source me a copy of 1900's 'Prince and Princess Witnessing Cattle Parade', I'd love it for my next lockdown movie night. Ta. 

All 15 questions completed!

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Films and TV shot in York quiz

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