Quiz: Can you guess these 15 York locations from above?

24 Jan 2021 @ 3.21 pm
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Sometimes you just need a different perspective…

Have you ever wondered what the city looked like from above?

Can you identify some of York’s most iconic locations from just an aerial photo?

Take this quiz to find out! (With a little help from Bing Maps.)

Guess the York location

1. Which York Location is this?

1. Grand Opera House
2. York Dungeon
3. Kuda
4. The Stone Roses Bar

It's the Grand Opera House!

York’s premier theatre and home to touring musicals and plays as well as comedians, opera, ballet and more.

2. What about this one?

1. York Theatre Royal
2. York Fire Station
3. York Barbican
4. York Explore Library

It's York Barbican

The largest entertainment venue in the city, host to live music and comedy. Some say the York Barbican looks like a toilet from above...do you agree?

3. And this one?

1. Yorkshire Museum
2. York Explore Library
3. Fountains Learning Centre
4. York Art Gallery

It's York Explore Library

Designed by the York architect Walter Brierley in 1928, today York Explore is a welcoming and accessible place for people of all ages to enjoy.

4. What about this York location?

1. Railway Museum
2. York Train Station
3. The Principal York
4. York Railway Institute

It's the National Railway Museum

If you like trains this is the museum for you. Home to over 200 years of history and over a million wonderful objects.

5. Can you recognise this place?

1. York Castle Museum
2. Yorkshire Museum
3. York Theatre Royal
4. York Art Gallery

It's York Art Gallery

York Art Gallery’s collection of paintings spans more than 600 years, with works ranging from 14th century Italian panels to 20th century works by LS Lowry and David Hockney.

6. What about this one?

1. The Crescent Community Venue
2. Everyman Cinema
3. City Screen
4. Waterstones

It's the Everyman Cinema

The cinema where you can bring a glass of wine and slice of pizza to your sofa-like seat!

7. Does this view ring any bells?

1. National Centre for Early Music
2. St Mary's Church
3. St Michael-le-Belfry
4. The Hospitium

It's the National Centre for Early Music

The home to early music in York! With live performances and festivals to enjoy. 

8. What about this iconic York location?

1. The Ivy
2. The Judge's Lodging
3. Betty's
4. Guy Fawkes Inn

It's Betty's

Since 1936, Betty’s has been the go to place in York for a bit of fancy tea and cake.

9. This one?

1. Popworld
2. Vodka Revolution
3. Salvation
4. Flares

It's Flares

There’s no better place to dance into the night to the cheesiest songs ever released (expect maybe Popworld…)

10. Do you recognise this York location?

1. Castle Howard
2. Beningbrough Hall
3. Nunnington Hall
4. York Minster

It's Castle Howard

This historic house and garden has stunning views both inside and out.

11. What about this one?

1. York Roast Co,
2. Chloes of York
3. York's Chocolate Story
4. Thomas the Baker

It's York's Chocolate Story

Chocolate galore! Take a tour to find out how chocolate is made, pursue the tasty treats in the gift shop, and then sit down in the café for a hot chocolate.

12. Can you get this one?

1. Goddards House and Garden
2. York Castle Museum
3. Minster Library
4. Treasurer's House

It's the Treasurer's House

This house has a 2,000 year old history including Roman hauntings!

13. This one?

1. Yorkshire Air Museum
2. York Maze
3. Piglets Adventure Farm
4. The Web Adventure Park

It's York Maze

Unfortunately York Maze couldn’t open in 2020 due to the pandemic but with previous themes like Jurassic Park and Star Wars their return will be worth the wait.

14. Can you recognise this location?

1. York Army Museum
2. York Dungeon
3. Clifford's Tower
4. Fairfax House

It's York Army Museum

The York Army Museum houses over 300 years of history, telling the stories of The Royal Dragoon Guards, The Prince of Wales’s Own Regiment of Yorkshire and The Yorkshire Regiment.

15. And finally...

1. Jorvik DIG
2. Jorvik Viking Centre
3. St Olave's Church
4. The Merchant Adventurers' Hall

It's Jorvik DIG

A hands-on archaeological adventure for kids! Explore 2000 years of York’s history and discover exciting artefacts in four indoor excavation pits.

All 15 questions completed!

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