Quidditch, cosplay and comic books – it’s York’s first GeekFest

Can you catch the Snitch in a game of York quidditch? Photograph: Harry Potter / YouTube
16 Oct 2015 @ 7.56 pm
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GeekFest 2015

Exhibition Centre, University of York

Oct 17-18

Free (tickets)

GeekFest website

Quidditch and elvish writing are just two of the entirely serious and completely valid adult pastimes on offer at the University of York’s first ever GeekFest.

Featuring many of the university’s myriad societies, including anime, Douglas Adams, muggle, juggle and Sherlock, the convention aims to give participants new experiences and reignite old passions through workshops, screenings and a variety of fun activities.

The event, one of the largest held by the university this year, is open to both students and the general public.

So what’s it all about? Organisers say:

GeekFest is a completely free convention that aims to promote all aspects of Geek Culture from Art and Game Design to LARP and Manga.

It also aims to let you try new experiences or perhaps pick up old hobbies again — and, of course, to let everyone have an amazing time.

Who’s The Biggest Geek?

The flag flying proudly over York University. Photograph: GeekFest 2015 on Facebook
The flag flying proudly over York University. Photograph: GeekFest 2015 on Facebook

Among the many highlights are a cosplay masquerade, where people can dress up as their favourite character from manga, anime, comic books, cartoons and video games.

There’s a Who’s The Biggest Geek? quiz, workshops to improve your chess and sword-play (not at the same time) and talks by some of the university’s top LARPers (that’s live action role play for all you non-geeks), game developers and Neil Gibson, creator of the best-selling comic Twisted Dark.

The weekend, sponsored by Fossgate gift shop Give The Dog A Bone, is expected to attract large crowds of dedicated geeks from near and far.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned…