‘Put on your big girl pants and grow up’: York firm’s *very* robust response to an offended Twitter user goes viral

Main picture: Joshua Hoehne / Unsplash. Inset: Sarah tweets her boss's reply
11 Jan 2021 @ 6.18 pm
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It certainly didn’t come from any HR textbooks. But the very direct way a company manager defended a member of his team has left many onlookers cheering.

Like so many disputes in recent years it started with Brexit.

The Viking Beard Company, which is based in both York and Gainsborough, posted a message saying it could no longer export to European countries due to the extra costs now we’ve left the EU.

When a Twitter user replied to say that if the company, which makes beard oil and wax, can’t ‘fill out some paperwork’ then it didn’t deserve their custom. And he posted a gif of Simon Cowell waving ‘bye’ to the firm.

UK business manager Sarah responded that Brexit was putting jobs at risk. She also described the person using a few very strong swear words, landing her a 12-hour ban from Twitter.

In response the Twitter user emailed her boss Simon Hildreth to complain. If the person was expecting sympathy, they got short shrift.

Simon wrote back to say Sarah “has nothing to hide”, criticised the Twitter user’s attempts to get her fired, and suggested they “bring on your bullshit threats of legal action” and “put on your big girl pants and grow up”.

He finished: “We will not stand for a member of staff being threatened. You’re nasty.”

As you can see, this got a lot of love on Twitter, with more than 35K likes and retweets. Here are some of the comments:

Although not everyone was entirely supportive.