Video: Purpleman prepares to take York messages of love and peace to Brussels

Purpleman and his message for Belgium. Photograph: YorkMix
23 Mar 2016 @ 10.00 pm
| News

Purpleman is off to Brussels – and wants your messages of love, peace and hope to take with him.

York’s most colourful character says it will demonstrate that “love is more important than violence” in the aftermath of the terror attacks on the Belgian capital which left more than 30 people dead.

Purpleman has created a book where the people of York can write messages of support to the stricken city.

He is also collected cards, small works of art and donations for flowers that he will distribute to Brussels people during his visit.

You can sign the #LoveToBelgium book and give donations at the Old Guys Rule shop on Stonegate on Thursday (March 24).

From Friday (March 25) to Monday (March 28) Purpleman or his associates will be on the purple bike in Stonegate where you can add your message or gift.

He will leave for Brussels on Tuesday.

PM told YorkMix: “The idea with the flowers is to go up to people randomly, give them love, give them a hug – and give them a flower with love from York.

“In times of tragedy like this it’s important that humanity stands up for what is right. Love is right.”

He added:

It would be hard to imagine this sort of thing happening in York, and how grateful we would be for the solidarity expressed from other parts of the world.

You can also donate via this PayPal email address: [email protected]