Purpleman hires security guards to protect him from drunks

29 Aug 2015 @ 8.33 pm
| News

Sick of being hounded and hassled by drunks, Purpleman has hired security guards to protect him and his family audience.

For the first time on Saturday (August 29) the street entertainer was guarded by representatives from York company Eboracum Security.

It comes after a series of incidents when the purple cyclist had to fend off unwanted attention from people who have been drinking.

What do they do?

“People have tried to push me off, throwing objects at me, hitting me with objects, spitting, being verbally abusive and using foul language in front of families – and carrying obscene items,” he told YorkMix.

“It happens every Saturday. Children have run away crying. That creates a very bad memory.”

Carl Nickson, director of Eboracum Security, said they would take a friendly approach.

It’s to usher along those who are there for the wrong reasons – people who have had a bit too much to drink.

It’s all about reassuring the public who have come along to see Mr Purpleman.

‘Enjoyment under threat’

Beloved by tourists and residents alike, Purpleman is an iconic figure who has been photographed countless times.

The teetotal cyclist has recently helped the child refugees in Syria by making a number of journeys to the war-torn country to deliver toys.

He said he loved his home city, but was worried about what was happening on its streets.

It’s such an inspirational place with more history than many entire countries can boast.

The enjoyment of people should come first and this is under-threat from booze-fuelled race-goers, stag and hen parties and football fans.

Purpleman has a straightforward solution: “Perhaps there are too many bars in York?”