Psychic builder from York predicted his huge lottery win – and even wrote down the sum!

Mark Brookes receives his two People's Postcode Lottery cheques from Jeff Brazier and Danyl Johnson. Photographs: Darren Casey
29 Jun 2019 @ 10.50 am
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A self-employed builder from York with psychic powers says he knew in his head he’d won big.

His prediction came true, and how – Mark Brookes scooped £359,514 after YO31 9LW was revealed as the full winning postcode in People’s Postcode Lottery’s monthly Postcode Millions draw.

The father-of-four from Healey Grove, Huntington, played with two tickets and so he received two cheques, each worth £179,757.

Mark, 55, said:

  • I actually wrote down three amounts on a piece of paper that I thought I’d win – two were low but then I wrote down £178,201 and I just thought that figure was the one.

    I wasn’t far away. The only other person I showed this to was my son. I’ve been doing mediumship for a hobby.

    I’ve never won nothing in my life. I go to work everyday and look after my family.

    This lottery win will let my wife retire and I’ll be able to help each of the children put down a deposit on a house because they are all renting at the moment.

‘No more wiping bums’

Healey Grove had two other big winners who each received £179,757.

Childminder Donna Harper, 49, plans to quit her job after her £179,757 win. She said:

  • I never dared to dream before but I can dream now. I’m going to use this to help me change career so I can do something I really love.

    First thing Monday morning I’m handing in my notice, there’s no more wiping bums or noses for me. The world’s my oyster now.

Donna, who has two children and five grandchildren, says she’ll use the windfall to buy the home she’s been renting for 19 years and deck it out with a hot tub.

She added: “I’m euphoric. This cheque is getting framed and going in the garden so I can admire it from my hot tub. Myself and my kids are set up for life now.”

‘Buy my own place’

The People’s Postcode Lottery winners from York YO31 9 receiving their winners cheques. The community came together at Orchard Park Community Centre. Left to right are Danyl Johnson, Donna Harper, Mark Brookes, Michelle Hogan, and Jeff Brazier
Carer Michelle Hogan, 49, who’s lived on Healey Grove for 12 years, reckons now would be a good time to finally buy her own home with her £179,757 prize.

The mother-of-two, who only signed up to play the lottery a few months ago, said:

  • At the moment I’m doing two jobs and working 12 days straight sometimes.

    It’d be nice to not have to work that much. I could possibly buy my own place, which would be fantastic.

    I’ve got two grandchildren and one on the way, so I’ll be able to help the kids out. It’s a massive amount that I could never have dreamed of winning and I need to have a long serious sit down to think about what to do next.

The £3 million prize pot was shared out between 377 players throughout the YO31 9 postcode sector and the minimum amount won this time around was £5,590 per ticket.

The prize breakdown and full winning postcode are now online and winners will receive a letter confirming their prize today (Saturday 29 June).