Protesters pour fake oil over themselves in the middle of the National Railway Museum

2 Dec 2019 @ 5.32 pm
| Environment

Three environmemtal activists doused themselves in fake oil inside the National Railway Museum.

They were part of demonstration by Extinction Rebellion York on Sunday (1 December) calling on the NRM’s parent organisation the Science Museum Group to sever ties with international oil company BP.

During the protest, three activists were doused in fake oil in the middle of the museum. Other protestors staged a “die-in”, to illustrate the threat to and loss of life that they say is a consequence of BP’s actions.

Extinction Rebellion York’s ‘Red Rebel Brigade’ also presented a performance during the demonstration.

A spokesperson for the museum said: “We can confirm that on Sunday afternoon there was a peaceful protest involving around 30 people at the National Railway Museum.

“This lasted for about one hour and took place in the Great Hall.”

Building pressurea

Protesters staged a performance in the Great Hall
Martin Ammann, an organiser of the protest and member of Extinction Rebellion York, said:

  • The National Railway Museum is a much-loved York attraction. As part of the Science Museum Group, it receives funding from BP.

    Like other fossil fuel businesses, BP is trying to hide its ecocidal activity behind charitable donations and greenwash.

    Turning the spotlight on this hypocrisy works to build pressure.

BP sponsor York’s National Rail Museum for their work in science engagement.

Extinction Rebellion says British Petroleum has produced 34 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide or equivalent since 1965. This makes BP the 6th most polluting corporation in the world.

Extinction Rebellion York is an offshoot of the international climate action movement Extinction Rebellion. They use peaceful methods of civil disobedience in an attempt to prevent mass extinction and reduce the risk of social and environmental disaster in the face of the looming global climate and ecological emergency.