Protest planned against Theresa May as York venue is leaked for BBC showdown with Jeremy Corbyn

Theresa May on her last visit to York, in the sealed confines of the Barbican. Photograph: Danny Lawson / PA
30 May 2017 @ 9.02 pm
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Theresa May is returning to York – and this time her opponents are ready for her.

She is due in York this Friday (June 2) for a special edition of the BBC’s Question Time.

And now it appears the venue has leaked out – and those who oppose her policies are planning a demonstration against her.

Grilled by the public

Although the Prime Minister will not directly debate with Jeremy Corbyn at the live show, the Conservative and Labour leaders will face questions from the same audience.

It follows a similar pattern to the Sky / Channel 4 debate on Monday night (May 29) when each leader took it in turns to be grilled by the public.

That means it will be a very different experience for Mrs May to her last visit to York. Then she came to the Barbican Centre and spoke in front of a hand-picked audience of Conservative supporters without meeting any residents.

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, heading to York. Photograph: YouTube / Photograph © exadverso on Wikipedia

According to the leaks, Question Time will come live from the Ron Cooke Hub on the Heslington East campus of the University of York.

A demonstration is planned, hosted by York People’s Assembly – “a movement for democracy and social justice at a time of falling living standards”.

One of the assembly organisers Graham Martin has told supporters to be part of a “big, inclusive gathering of opposition to Weak And Wobbly Theresa May”. He writes:

Last time she visited, she snuck in to speak with a few party mates – this time we’ve got warning, so let’s get ready!

Whether it’s the Crumbling NHS or Trident, the Dementia Tax or Selling Out of the Youth, Fox Hunting or Fracking, Refugees or Electoral Corruption, and even Leavers and Remainers, we can all stand together.

‘Bring your voices’

The Ron Cooke Hub at the University of York. Photograph © Allan Harris on Flickr

The demo is planned for 6pm outside the Ron Cooke Hub. People from all parties are welcome who are asked to “bring signs, bring friends and bring your voices”.

Question Time is due to go live on air at 8.30pm on Friday. Security is likely to be very tight at the event.

Organisers admit that buses may be suspended between Heslington Hall and the Sports Centre.

“There will be no access to the Ron Cooke Hub building itself, but we will get as close as we can to deliver our message. Please keep an eye out for each other,” say demo organisers.