Protest planned outside York Railway Station

9 Jun 2015 @ 9.49 am
| News, Politics

Serving 15 months in jail – activist Mahienour el-Masry
Serving 15 months in jail – activist Mahienour el-Masry
Human rights campaigners will gather opposite York Railway Station on Wednesday (June 10).

Supporters of the Egypt Solidarity initiative are to hold a protest against the recent jailing of a human rights lawyer and other democracy campaigners by a court in Alexandria.

Organiser Chris Fuller said:

We’ve called this protest in response to an appeal by activists in Egypt for international protests in solidarity with the tens of thousands of political prisoners in Egypt.

We’ll be highlighting jail sentences handed down recently to human rights lawyer Mahienour el-Masry, journalist Youssef Shaaban and Loay El-Kahwagy.

They were sentenced to 15 months each for challenging the arrest of other activists.

He said these cases were the tip of the iceberg. The ruling Egyptian regime has “has handed out literally hundreds of death sentences, and locked up tens of thousands in appalling conditions” and torture is rife.

It is outrageous that the Tory government is one of the Egyptian regime’s biggest backers.

The government continues to grant export licences for arms to Egypt. We’re appalled that the bullets killing protesters on the streets may be made in Britain.

– Chris Fuller

At the protest, campaigners will distribute leaflets and collect signatures for a letter to York MPs calling on them to condemn Britain’s support for the Egyptian campaign.

If you would like to join in, assemble opposite York Railway Station between 5pm and 6pm on Wednesday (June 10).