Professor Stephen Hawking, the world’s smartest man, calls into York bar

Stephen Hawking at the Biltmore in York. Photograph: the Biltmore on Facebook
26 Jan 2014 @ 6.05 pm
| News

The day after startling the world with a new theory, Professor Stephen Hawking stunned staff and customers at a York bar by joining them for a drink.

Professor Hawking, possibly the brainiest man on the planet, called in at the Biltmore Bar & Grill on Swinegate on Saturday night, January 25.

The author of A Brief History Of Time was staying at the five-star Cedar Court Grand Hotel on Station Rise.

“He was in last night,” one of the Biltmore’s staff said. “He was staying at the Cedar Court and then he came here for some drinks.

“He just turned up. Apparently it had been on the down low at the Cedar Court for a few weeks. He was nice.”

The Biltmore posted the above photograph on its Facebook page, writing: “Yes that is who you think it is…”

Although some commenters weren’t immediately sure who it was, others were amazed. “OMG! I thought you were joking! But it’s him!” wrote Yvonne Cansfield.

Professor Hawking has been in a wheelchair for many years owing to motor neurone disease. He speaks through a voice synthesizer.

Internationally renowned for his research into the laws governing the universe, he founded the Centre For Theoretical Cosmology at Cambridge University.

Having spent many years researching black holes, last week he postulated a new theory that they don’t exist – at least not as we think of them now.

Previous theory had it that nothing could escape the gravitational pull of the black hole formed when a star collapsed. Now Prof Hawking believes that light might only be trapped temporarily and could free itself again.

He has received numerous honours, including the United States’ highest civilian honour, the Presidential Medal Of Freedom. And he has also appeared on The Simpsons.