Probation Trust urges residents to be vigilant about bogus door-to-door sales

14 Jan 2013 @ 1.47 pm
| News

Issued by North Yorkshire Police

There has been a report from residents in Fulford of people posing as ex-offenders or offenders, seeking to sell products or services door-to-door.

They claim to be working on a project that is backed by the probation service.

Please be assured that the York and North Yorkshire Probation Trust operates no scheme of this nature and our advice is not to buy from salespeople who claim to be part of this project.

Anyone approached by any person who claims to be working under the authority of York and North Yorkshire Probation Trust in this way should immediately contact North Yorkshire Police on 101, giving as much detail as possible about the person and the business they claim to represent.

North Yorkshire police would urge residents to always ask to see identification when a stranger calls at the door, or ring the company they claim to be from to make sure they are who they say they are. Legitimate door to door sales people will always have proof of identity.

The Probation Trust does not issue identity badges to offenders.

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