Prime Minister David Cameron does high wire act in York

11 Jul 2014 @ 12.05 pm
| Politics
David Cameron and his son at Creepy Crawlies with the staff. Photograph: Creepy Crawlies on Facebook

He is used to being the man at the top – which is probably why David Cameron looks completely at home taking the Wired High Ropes challenge at the Web Adventure Park in York.

The Prime Minister called in to the Wigginton Road park, also home to the Creepy Crawlies play area, last weekend.

With him was his eight year old son Arthur. According to Creepy Crawlies staff, he loved the experience.

Man at the top: the Prime Minister takes to the wires

When the pictures were published on the Creepy Crawlies Facebook page, it led to a few good comments.

“So glad I booked my daughter’s party for later in the day – she would have given him a piece of her mind!” said Alison Morgan.

“Creepy Crawlies… David Cameron… Too… Many… Jokes…” commented Craig Perkinton.

“Anyone got any scissors?” asked Lynni Davy.