Police warning after large groups of underage drinkers found in two locations in York

6 Dec 2020 @ 10.54 am
| News

Police are warning parents to check where there children are after discovering groups of youths gathering together and drinking in York.

On Friday night (4 December) officers encountered a group of more than 30 young people near the racecourse, and later by the River Ouse.

York North Police said on Facebook: “One young man had to be taken home by officers because he was severely under the influence of alcohol.

“He had been left behind as the rest of the group dispersed.

“Besides the risks of being in that situation, near the river, in the dark he was with a large group.

“We have said this before and we will say it again: ‘Do you know where your children are?’ and ‘How safe are they?’.”

One woman said this was a regular occurrence. “There are always large groups down by the river and on the Millennium Bridge, even through lockdown,” she posted. “No one ever does anything about it.”

North Yorkshire Police have launched a service called Be Informed designed to inform parents and carers, via text message, of any anti-social behaviour incidents in the local neighbourhood that officers are attending.