Police vow to ‘shut down’ unlicensed car meet in York

11 Jul 2020 @ 3.24 pm
| News

Police have vowed to ‘shut down’ a car meet in York if it goes ahead as planned tonight (Saturday, 11 July).

Officers have warned organisers to call off the event – or they will take action.

York North Police issued this uncompromising message today: “We have been made aware of an unlicensed car meet taking place in York this evening.

“We urge you all to save your petrol as we will not tolerate you coming to our county to cause anti-social behaviour to our residents and the meet will be shut down immediately.

“Spare a thought for this with young children or other members of the public with vulnerabilities when revving your engines and using car parks as a local racetrack as it can be very distressing and is unacceptable and those encountered will be dealt with robustly.”

They believe people are travelling from outside North Yorkshire to take part.

Like a racetrack

An aerial view of Clifton Moor. Photograph © Google Street View

In their statement York North Police said officers were called to a car meet in York last week “and were met with verbal abuse from a minority of people that attended.

“Unfortunately the minority ruin it for the majority of those that were behaving and in good spirits.”

One resident said: “If it’s anything like the one in Tesco car park last week it absolutely needs shutting down.”

Another wrote: “Those people weren’t even from York. From what I gather most of the York clubs stayed away and wanted nothing to do with it.

“The York clubs are properly run and follow the law and respect other.”

And a third agreed: “As a resident I’m sick of people using Clifton Moor as a racetrack on a weekend.”

There was a car meet held last Saturday (25 July) from 6.45pm till 11.30pm at the car park near KFC in Clifton Moor.

Beforehand the organisers urged participants: “No idiotic driving like wheel spinning, handbrake turns and donuts etc.

“We accept exhaust popping as long as it doesn’t sound like gun shots otherwise residents complain.”

An attendee said: “Police were there socialising, allowing them to rev and bass etc and there was zero dangerous driving and it all went awesome!”