Police taser ‘violent and aggressive’ driver after he crashed car into York traffic lights

16 Jan 2021 @ 6.34 pm
| Crime

A driver turned violent after crashing his car into traffic lights in York.

It happened last night (Friday). After hitting the lights, the car crashed through barriers installed around roadworks and into a trench. It happened at the junction of Blossom Street and Queen Street

The North Yorkshire Police operational support unit said on Twitter that the man still tried to drive away.

When officers asked him to take a breathalyser test he became “so violent and aggressive” that they had to user the taser and PAVA incapacitant spray on him.

As well as handcuffing the man, they used leg restraints too.

Several officers suffered “scrapes but no major injuries” during the incident.

The man was arrested on suspicion of driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and assualt on a police officer. His blood was taken at the station and sent for analysis.