Police take action after surge of anti-social behaviour in woods near York

Hagg Wood near York. Photograph: York North Police on Facebook
27 Nov 2020 @ 7.38 am
| Crime

Police are urging visitors to a woodland near York to respect the countryside after a surge in complaints about anti-social behaviour.

There has been a rise in the number of people using Hagg Wood in Dunnington during the current lockdown.

Police say some visitors are using the are in an anti-social way. It is leading to complaints from other members of the public about:

  • Littering and waste disposal
  • Lighting fires
  • Leaving gates in nearby areas open, which could lead to livestock escaping
  • Parking in a way that blocks access roads and gates
  • Livestock worrying by dogs who are being let off the lead
  • Evidence of drug-taking
  • Trees, posts and fences being damaged by air rifle pellets

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “There’s been an influx of visitors to Hagg Wood since lockdown, and we’d urge people to ensure any outdoor activities comply with the current rules to stop the spread of Covid.

“Unfortunately, the number of reports of anti-social and criminal behavior in the area has also risen, which we will not tolerate.

Photograph: York North Police

“Officers from our Rural Taskforce are aware of these issues. They are keeping an eye on the area and are taking a range of approaches to prevent further incidents and identify perpetrators.

“As ever, if you use outdoor spaces, you must abide by the rules that are designed to protect those areas.”

Anyone who wishes to report anti-social behaviour or pass on information about an incident should contact North Yorkshire Police on 101 and select option 1.