Police set to start turning away Uber drivers from York

21 Feb 2021 @ 9.50 pm
| News

North Yorkshire Police looks set to take action to remove out of town Uber drivers who attempt to operate illegally in York.

Wendy Loveday, the chair of the Private Hire Association, has told YorkMix she has had meetings with a senior officer.

Police now agree with her that as Uber doesn’t hold a local licence for York it is breaking the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 (Section 46).


This says “no person shall in a controlled district operate any vehicle as a private hire vehicle without having a current licence under section 55 of this Act

Wendy Loveday says that North Yorkshire Police took legal advice after she pointed this out. She says it means that Uber drivers from out of town should not be picking up fares in the city because they do not hold a proper licence to work here.

Uber was stripped of its licence in December 2017 when the City of York council gambling, licensing and regulatory committee voted by seven to three, with two abstentions, not to renewed it.

York was the first authority to flat out deny Uber clearence to operate on its streets.

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What action will police now take?

The Uber Eats app on a smartphone. Photograph: Uber

YorkMix understands that officers on the streets will be briefed to engage with any Uber (or other out of town operators) drivers that they suspect to be breaching Section 46 of the 1976 legislation.

They will advise them of this law and ask them to leave York immediately.

Wendy Loveday says it means that they can legally bring a customer into York, from say Leeds, but once here they have to turn round and go back to the area where they hold a licence to operate.

“They were found to be not fit and proper to operate in York.

“I just can’t stand by while a massive company like Uber behave in the way they are doing by just ignoring all of the rules.

“These are rules that every other driver in York has to follow.”

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “North Yorkshire Police is working with City of York Council on this matter, as taxi licensing and licensing enforcement sits with local authorities rather than the police.

“As part of our work to support City of York Council and our local communities, our officers will engage with Uber drivers if they are seen in the city. Any breaches will then be dealt with appropriately.”