Police issue warning to parents after sweets laced with cannabis found in York

17 Jul 2020 @ 6.01 pm
| Crime

Police are issuing a warning to parents and children after sweets laced with cannabis were discovered in York.

A letter to parents of at least one secondary school today included this North Yorkshire Police update:

  • We have had confirmation of the first York case of ‘Nerds Rope’ sweets laced with cannabis in York amongst our youth population.

    If you have any concerns, please report these on 101 or use 999 in an emergency.

It comes a week after a large quantity of the sweets were seized by police in Bradford.

Among the items discovered by West Yorkshire Police were a large amount of sweets infused with cannabis, professional packaging machines, cooking equipment, a large quantity of cash and cannabis plants.

Dangerous and illegal

More of the Bradford haul

A North Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said they referred anyone concerned to the advice issued by their West Yorkshire counterparts.

“We want to warn teenagers and parents of the dangers of taking laced ‘Nerds Rope’,” said Inspector Kerry Feathers of Bradford South.

“It may look like a sweet but taking it could be dangerous and is also illegal.”

There are no reports of anyone in York eating the sweets, or suffering any ill effects from them.

Nerds Rope is an American sweet described as “a stretchy candy rope covered with tiny, tangy, colourful Nerds candies”.