Police descend on York neighbourhood in hunt for wanted man

Police in Clifton on Tuesday
22 Sep 2020 @ 2.41 pm
| Crime

Police turned up in numbers in a York suburb today.

Residents spotted four or five police vehicles around Clifton shortly before 1pm.

The operation was to detain a fugitive who had been spotted in Burton Stone Lane area by officers patrolling on bikes.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: “The man, in his 20s, had been recalled to prison the previous day, after being released from a jail sentence for theft.

“He had failed to reside at an approved premises.

“Recognising him, and knowing that he had been recalled to prison, officers arrested him. He will be passed to the prison authorities.”

It means he will soon be back in jail.

York North Safer Neighbourhood Team tweeted: “A quick game of hide and seek started but backup from other NPT and Response units ensured the game was won. 1 – 0.”