Police clock drivers at 94mph on the A64

8 May 2020 @ 11.55 am
| News

Stay at home – and if you do have to go somewhere by car, slow down.

The message from North Yorkshire Police today (Friday) after motorists were caught speeding along the A64.

The North Yorkshire Police Traffic Bureau tweeted that they recorded eight speeding offences in two hours on the road near Malton yesterday.

One driver was caught doing 94mph on a 60mph stretch of the A64.

And only one of the eight speeders was on a legitimate journey under the lockdown rules, police said.

The news comes as, nationally, some police have expressed fears that the lockdown this sunny Bank Holiday weekend might prove unenforceable.

Government ministers have sought to play down expectations of any major easing of the lockdown after Prime Minister Boris Johnson hinted that the rules might be relaxed from Monday.