Police break up large gathering of youths in York wood

16 Aug 2020 @ 11.08 am
| News

Police are urging parents to check where their children are after breaking up a gathering of young people in a York wood.

Officers were called by a resident concerned about a “large meeting of youths” in Westfield Wood, Haxby, on Friday night (14 August).

On Facebook, York North Police said: “We arrived at 7.35pm to find a group of approx 30 youths with a bonfire and evidence of a large quantity of alcohol.

“Before most of the group scattered one decided to throw a bottle towards our officers, and luckily it missed.”

The officers urged parents to make sure they knew where their children were:

  • Please ring your child up and ask them where they are. You may think you know where they are but a group of 30 children with alcohol and lighting fires belong to somebody.

    Do you want your Children hanging around with people who throw bottles at people?

The post received a lot of support. One resident said: “There is no respect for police officers.

“Yet these are the people we need at our worst time, burglary, accidents, assault etc.

“We expect them to be there when we need them but then treat them like dirt when we don’t. It’s unacceptable.

“Thank you NYP for the hard work you put in.”