‘Please make it stop!’ York traders driven mad by shop alarm that’s been ringing non-stop for a month

18 Sep 2020 @ 7.31 am
| News


If that sounds familiar, chances are you’ve been in York city centre during the last few weeks.

Because it has been one of the noises of the summer. Listen for yourself…

Long empty, The Phone Store is still having an impact on Coney Street – because its security alarm has been ringing non-stop for a month.

And it’s driving nearby traders crazy.

“It’s been going on for four weeks,” said Kirsty Parker, who works at Axis Barber Shop on the corner of New Street, almost opposite The Phone Store.

“It’s just unending. It’s in the back of your head all day.”

Shut it! The Phone Store on Coney Street. Photograph: YorkMix

She said customers at the salon have commented on it, and other traders nearby are fed up with the noise too. “I can’t believe nobody’s sorted it out.”

Kirsty said the problem had been reported to City of York Council. The council told us that, although it wasn’t their responsibility, they had been in touch with the building’s owner who had promised ‘to look into it’.

So relief may be in sight. What will that be like?

“It will be so much better,” Kirsty said.