Pix and video: Hundreds of people join anti-Trump demo in York

Some of the colourful banners on show in St Helen's Square. Photograph: David Dunning
14 Jul 2018 @ 8.45 pm
| News, Politics

If US President Donald Trump had dropped into York this lunchtime, he would have been left in no doubt as to what hundreds of residents thought about him.

Three hundred people took part in an anti-Trump demo through the city centre.

Beginning at St Helen’s Square, the demonstrators, many carrying colourful and forthright banners, did a circuit around the city centre.

Slogans on the banners included #DumpTrump, Pretty Impeach Isn’t He, Your Fascist Coup Is Poo, Let’s Play No Trumps, and Love Trumps Hate.

A single pro-Trump campaigner from York also joined the march.

Police said there were no issues or incidents connected to the protest.

Superintendent Mark Khan said:

The detailed planning that has gone into managing the demonstration on Saturday has ensured it has passed off peacefully and without incident.

We thank the organisers for their co-operation and those who attended for their help in keeping disruption to a minimum.

In particular, we are pleased to have minimised disruption for businesses, residents and people shopping in the city centre on an extremely busy day for York.

I sincerely thank the local community for their continued support, understanding and patience.

The demo on Parliament Street
Many carried placards
Photograph: David Dunning