Pictures: Here’s what the floods left behind in York

26 Jan 2021 @ 4.25 pm
| News

As the floodwaters recede, they are leaving behind a familiar trail of mud and silt in York.

Today (Tuesday) just one flood warning remains in York, for Naburn Lock.

Roads have reopened and the clean up operation is well underway.

The water has gone in Tower Gardens, but left its mark

City of York Council said: “Our frontline teams are continuing Covid-safe clean-up operations on roads which can safely reopen, whilst continuing around the clock work to maintain the flood defences and keep the city’s roads gritted.

“Cleaning roads may take longer because of freezing conditions. Please take care to avoid this debris and any frozen standing water.”

Meanwhile, in Malton, Ryedale District Council said: “The overall position in Malton, Norton and Old Malton remains stable and is gradually improving, but will continue to be monitored carefully.

“River levels have dropped further over the last 24 hours. Ground water is still high in places and is expected to stay high for some time so some pumps will remain in place for a number of weeks.”