Pictures: As York river levels fall, the mess left behind is slowly revealed

28 Feb 2020 @ 7.26 am
| Environment

The river is falling – at least for now.

And that means we can see some of what it is leaving behind in its wake.

This morning (Friday) at 7am the Ouse was down to 3.33m, more than a metre lower than it was on Tuesday.

And where the waters recede, they reveal the mess that York will have to clean up.

From dozens of plastic bottles to a smashed and dented car – not to mention lots and lots of mud – it isn’t a pretty site.

The benches and bins reemerge in Tower Gardens

The waters are gradually retreating from St George’s Field car park and Tower Gardens, and the council pumps have been turned off.

City of York Council has begun the clean-up operation. This might be set back if Storm Jorge brings heavy rainfall this weekend, as is forecast, causing the Ouse to rise again.


The one car left in the car park