People aged 70-74 are now being invited for Covid vaccinations in York

24 Jan 2021 @ 4.42 pm
| Health

The first people aged between 70 and 74 are now being offered Covid vaccination appointments in York.

Last week the local vaccination service started sending out vaccine invitations to people in priority group 3 – people aged 75 to 79.

Today, the Priory Medical Group revealed it has begun to contact those aged 70 to 74 as well, after getting the green light from the York vaccination hub.

They are in group 4 in the priority list (see below) – alongside clinically extremely vulnerable individuals.

The service hopes “to start inviting those in the clinically extremely vulnerable category (shielding) over the coming week.”

When will I get a vaccine?

Vaccines are being given to the most vulnerable first. A list of nine high-priority groups which covers about 32 million people – including 90-99% of those most at risk of dying – is being followed:

  1. Residents in care homes for older adults and their carers
  2. 80-year-olds and over and frontline health and social care workers
  3. 75-year-olds and over
  4. 70-year-olds and over and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals
  5. 65-year-olds and over
  6. 16- to 64-year-olds with serious underlying health conditions
  7. 60-year-olds and over
  8. 55-year-olds and over
  9. 50-year-olds and over

Housebound patients

The NHS stresses that you should only book an appointment once you have received an invitation.

Priory Medical Group said: “We have contacted all patients in the 80+ group and are starting the process of vaccinating housebound patients tomorrow (Monday).

“Given the logistics involved it is expected it will take three to four weeks to vaccinate all patients on this list (over 400 patients).

“We have vaccinated 94.7% of the residents in our largest local care homes and continue to work on vaccinating patients in smaller care homes and sheltered housing.”

It thanked NHS staff and volunteers for working so hard to roll out the vaccination programme.

“Practices across York are doing everything they can to get the most vulnerable in our community vaccinated and protected as quickly as possible.”