Peep show star Robert Webb is writing a book about York – and it could feature The Willow…

Two legends together… Robert Webb and The Willow. Photographs: Matt Crockett / Ceri Oakes
25 Jul 2018 @ 8.40 pm
| Entertainment

He’s a comedian, actor, writer and the world’s best-loved Jeremy. And now Robert Webb is turning his talented gaze on York.

Robert, best-known for his comedy partnership with David Mitchell – and their roles together in all-time cult classic Peep Show – is hard at work on his new book.

And he revealed on Twitter that the middle section is set at the University of York in Freshers Week 1992.

He was asking for help among his 430K followers and their friends: “People who went to York University! Hello, can you help me? Tell me everything you remember about where you first met your friends in Fresher week.”

And the suggestions rolled in. One particularly caught our eye…

After reading a bit more about York’s incredible Chinese restaurant disco, Robert declared: “That looks fab,” before asking:

And it set off more memories, both of the Willow…

And general bonkers student behaviour…

And York University Students’ Union even invited Robert up to York to see the place for himself:

Needless to say, we can’t wait to read the finished book.