Peekaboo! This must be the best video yet of those playful York mink

27 Jul 2020 @ 8.18 pm
| Video

A York firefighter got more than he bargained for when he went to check on the service’s rescue boat last week.

Pete Barrett, a watch manager at York Fire Station, was on the boat at the pontoon on Kings Staith – when he suddenly realised he wasn’t alone.

A playful family of mink started to play peekaboo with him.

Pete shot this delightful video of them. He told YorkMix: “They were brilliant, really inquisitive and seemed quite friendly although I stopped short of putting my hand too close!

“I’ve never seen them before and it seemed like either a family or large group. It was fantastic to see.

“We’re in a privileged position having the boat at York, we get to see some awesome wildlife when out training, seals, kingfishers, herons.”

It’s the latest sighting of the mink. See more great videos here and here.