Nudes, landscapes and lip-syncing: A unique night out for York’s LGBT History Month

2 Feb 2017 @ 1.50 pm
| Entertainment

Next week a unique art event will be coming to York.

John Cooper Theatre, 41 Monkgate, York.

Sat February 11 @ 7pm


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On Saturday 11 February, for one night and one night only, HLGBT York will be hosting an evening of entertainment featuring the work of two captivating and contrasting artists, Lydia Shaw and Tina Mammoser, all accompanied by musical mayhem from Lip-Sync Lollapalooza.

Part of York’s LGBT History Month, the event has been devised and organised by HLGBT York, a performing arts organisation founded on the philosophy of acceptance and inclusion.

Inclusive for all

Mei Wilshire, co-manager of the organisation, told us that from its conception HLGBT’s purpose was to be universally inclusive, giving “a stage to LGBT arts while including all people with the intention of creating stronger partnerships beyond the LGBT community.”

“HLGBT was founded in 2014,” Mei told YorkMix. “I was working with a theatre manager who suggested the initial ‘H’ to include heterosexual into the spectrum of LGBT, to make it inclusive and to widen the sphere of working partnerships.”

Figurative art by Lydia Shaw

The idea, Mei told us, turned out to be a good one, and one that has led to artist collaborations in York which have been as diverse and rewarding as she could have hoped.

Although primarily a performing arts organisation, Mei decided that it was time to take the HLGBT’s work beyond the confines of theatre production.

Her idea was to organise an art exhibition which would both showcase the work of LGBT artists and bring together a broad spectrum of the York community to socialise in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

After putting out a call on social media, Mei was soon contacted by the two artists who will be sharing the stage at February’s exhibition.

The artists

Landscape artist Tina Mammoser is an American British artist who brings her “midwestern eye for landscape with flat perspective and vast open spaces” to the more familiar British tradition of landscape and seascape painting.

A piece of art by Tina Mammoser, one of two artists taking part in the event.

Mammoser’s artworks have been described as “abstract skyscrapers inspired by the colour and atmosphere of the coast, aiming to reflect a minimalist experience of that place and time.”

Lydia Shaw, in contrast, is a London based figurative artist whose elaborate and thought provoking work pays particular attention to the realms of gender, confidence and sexuality in the female form.

Using the mediums of embroidery and paint in equal measures, Shaw explores the contours of the body, encouraging the viewer to examine the form through the movement and texture of the paint.

Explosive performance

As well as these two artists, Mei also promises us an “explosive” musical performance from the local entertainment extravaganza that is Lip-Sync Lollapalooza.

Hailed as the host of “York’s premiere Lip-Sync battle night” and the brainchild of York University graduate, Matthew Stallworthy, Lollapalooze will hit the stage with the full force of its wildly entertaining repertoire, complete with lip-sync performances, incredible costumes and fantastic dance routines.

Brush up your moves- a shot from a previous Lip-Sync Lollapalooza

Mei has promised us “a unique event in the arts,” and with such a variety of individuals and organisations involved, it’s very easy to believe her.

Tickets for this distinctive and diverting event can be purchased online for £7. Click here to book yours now.